Episode 003: “The Business of Software Development” with Q McCallum

In this episode, we will be discussing the business of software development. Writing software doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it often happens in the context of a business, and it can be useful to understand exactly where software fits in a business.

To explore this topic, I sat down with Q McCallum, a data consultant who started his career in the software world (and who, somehow, managed to never really leave it). His consulting practice focuses on on guiding companies on their first steps in data science, machine learning, and AI. With more than two decades of experience dealing with a variety of software companies, Q has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how these companies operate. While our conversation started on the business of software development, we ended up gravitating more towards discussing the realities of software development (which often happen in a business context).


Guest Bio

Q McCallum is a consultant, writer, and occasional speaker in the world of data.

Through his consulting work, Q helps companies develop capabilities in data science, machine learning, and AI.  He has spoken at industry conferences, taught classes on cloud computing and statistics/data analysis, and served as a university guest lecturer on topics such as software development and algorithmic trading.

His publications include Bad Data Handbook: Mapping the World of Data Problems, Business Models for the Data Economy, and Understanding Patterns of Disruption: Lessons Learned from the Cloud, Machine Learning, and More.  On his blog he explores the business side of AI, data ethics, and risk.

You can learn more about Q’s consulting and writing work on his website, at http://qethanm.cc

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